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Child Support Enforcement     

Child support enforcement matters are generally handled by state and local authorities, and not by the federal government.  Only in very limited circumstances is federal jurisdiction implicated in a child support matter.  For this reason, child support issues should be reported to state and local law enforcement authorities.
          There are a variety of state civil and criminal remedies for collecting child support.  In each state there are agencies, known as "Title IV-D" agencies, which are required by federal law to provide child support enforcement services to anyone who requests such services.

Unfortunately there are hundreds of Sheriffs offices throughout the United of States that holding elected judges accountable based on the fifth amendment of Due Process.

Take this letter to your local Sheriff's office and set up a meeting with them to discuss other options that holds both elected judges and themselves accountable.

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ProSe Guide 

This may occur in any court proceeding, whether one is the defendant or plaintiff in civil cases, and when one is a defendant in criminal cases. Pro se is a Latin phrase meaning "for oneself" or "on one's own behalf". This status is sometimes known as propria persona (abbreviated to "pro per").

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Welcome to the NVIC Advocacy Portal (NVICAP)

Achieving and protecting the right to informed consent to vaccination is more important now than ever before, and we need your help to make that happen. NVIC wants to help you, our members, to organize and make a difference in your home state right where you live to protect and expand vaccine exemptions.  It is at the state level that mass vaccination policies are made, and it is at the state level where your action to protect your rights can have the greatest impact.  Also, when national vaccine issues occur, you will be plugged in to the information and action items necessary to make sure your voice is heard.


The information contained on PARENTALRIGHTS.US web pages including but not limited to sub-domains is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be medical or legal advice. Those seeking medical or legal advice should obtain the services of a competent attorney, physician or qualified health care professional.  Although PARENTALRIGHTS.US continually updates our website, state laws and rules change frequently and consumers are ultimately responsible for verifying their state's laws and vaccination and exemption laws and religious requirements.

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