Bring Justice And Equality Back For All

Families And Setting Guidelines For Judges.

CONTROL is when you leverage the STRENGTH of your position or personality against the WEAKNESS of someone else’s in order to get that person to meet your selfish agenda… Dr. Tim Kimme

Why are marriages today ending so quickly and becoming profitable for the family court system…

  • Why is the divorce industry so profitable for your community?
  • Is it really about equity?
  • Why do prosperous business fail after divorce?
  • How are kids today vs. 20-30-40 years ago different from the broken home stand point?
  • How is society today vs. 20-30-40 years ago with the broken family units.
  • Has prison population risen due to the broken home?
  • Why is this happening?
  • Who is profiting?
  • Why is there no over sight within the family courts?
  • How are kids the best interests but leaves the loosing parent homeless or broke?
  • Is there really debtors prisons?
  • If it was about the “Best Interests of the Child” (Child Worship) why is it when there are no children it is about alimony?
  • Why is child support set per child’s age up to eighteen but alimony could be indefinite?
  • Why are restraining/Harassment Orders used so often that puts the other parent in the losing bracket?
  • Are the Sheriffs really in the courtroom to ensure LAW ENFORCEMENT and the Constitution is being followed?  

These are some of the questions that are often asked and ignored from experts.  Often divorce will end up with a 50/50 placement of the children.  But as soon as the parents don’t get along and mediation fails the Judge will hire a panel of experts that will determine the “Best Interests Of The Child” and there will be a loosing and winning Mom or Dad.  Ultimately the children lose the most.