Create your own campaign from your cell phone

Lets Get Started

One of the best ways that you can get your campaign started is to spread the awareness quickly by sending messages with your cell phone.

  • Send unlimited text messages.
  • Use your existing contacts from your phone
  • Build your own numbers.
  • Batch process your text messages to reduce cellphone load.
  • Set date and time to when your campaign would start.

The key is to make sure that your campaign gets noticed quickly.  It's time to be creative!

Promoting your campaign using your cell phone maybe the fastest way to spread awareness quickly, effectively and efficiently.

With your unlimited potential, you can encourage your responders and get the help that you need.

Showing your appreciation by thanking your contacts is an important part of overall stewardship. Doing so increases the chances that you’ll retain them or request that your contacts help spread your campaign.



Safer Driving - Parental Control

Save lives on the road with our powerful "Friends Network" app that is free for download and use.  

Prevent distractions while driving and create your friends groups for a quick and easy text messaging system.

The "Parental Client" is both an Android and Desktop app that will show the location of your loved ones. 

Requires a low monthly fee but is cheaper if you purchase a subscription for 1 year.

Our "Friends Network" app is jammed pack safety protection.  Your phone will be silenced when driving behind the wheel.  Phone would return to normal volume settings when driving is complete.  The features provided on the app is to benefit you for enhanced communication.