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If you want to be your own boss and patriotic at the same time then perhaps this job is for you.

We’re looking for motivated sales professionals in Wisconsin only in their community who can recruit both residential and small businesses to join our cause. We provide comprehensive paid training, mentoring, and an attractive incentive package.

Parental Rights is privately held, nonpartisan membership organization made up of residential and small businesses dedicated to the delivery of constituent opinions to representatives.

Keep Moving Forward
Do you think fast on your feet? If you’re motivated, you can go far with Parental Rights. We appreciate enthusiasm and dedication; you can see it in the fact that nearly all of our Sales Managers started as Representatives themselves. What they learned on the job made them talented leaders and Sales standouts. It also means they understand exactly what you’ll need to succeed in this role, so they can guide you until you’re ready to take the lead yourself.

You’re Neighborhood, Your Open-Air Office
Learn about your community while delivering up-to-date information, facts, and requiring informative opinions from constituents and customized their services that best fit their needs and lifestyles. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who enjoys being out of the office and on the move. It’s the freedom of self-employment without the risks of running your own business.


As a sales representative, you will be afforded unlimited earning potential and the satisfaction of building a rewarding career while receiving:

As the local face of Parental Rights.us, you will help both residential and small business owners in your community by:

Connect Your Passion for America to Your Career!