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Welcome to ParentalRights.us – Your reliable link to your representatives.

Today, there are indeed government officials as well as politicians who are very concerned with the citizens. These officials, including Senators and Representatives, who are very much concerned with the people usually bring forward views of the people in debates with regards to public policies and proposed laws. They work to help constituents in several very important matters, as well as in maintaining a great quality of life.

All these, however, can only be possible with the help of a reliable communication link between these officials and their people.  And such hasn’t been forthcoming for a long time, until the birth of Parental Rights. As a 501(c) (3) nonpartisan and nonprofit organization, Parental Rights, LLC is wholeheartedly committed to building trust and effectiveness in the people, while serving as an effective medium of holding the congress accountable.

Without affiliate or link to any governmental or profit organization, our mission is to provide a unique way to contact and educate people about problems often overlooked or unaware of.  We believe that the right changes are achievable with effective communication between the people and their elected representatives. Thus, we offer a unique means of contacting elected Senators and Representatives on various issues relating to the need to create positive change for the Constituents and the community in general.

We allow constituents to come up with opinions on relevant issues affecting their existence, including health and hospital services, electricity and gas services, industrial relations, public housing, roads and transport, fair trading, community services, public works, and many more.  These opinions will subsequently be made available to the Senators and Representatives to read, and finally, provide prompt responses and actions for.

We are confident that these presentations will culminate to distinct responsibilities, achievements, as well as advocacies of these senators and representatives.  Furthermore, the constituents, who have submitted these diverse opinions, will be guaranteed to have a strong, committed and compassionate voice speaking in their best interests and working to bring balance, harmony, and a true sense of community to their locality.

Are you a constituent seeking to get in touch with your representative or senator?  With ParentalRights, you can now get closer to your representatives, and ensure that all your concerns are looked into effectively and promptly.