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Forced Fluoridation

Fluoridation in our drinking water

Fast question for you.  Why is it that in America we are programmed to think we have the most freedoms and are the superpower of the world but yet we lose the common right to choose what is best for us?

This is a question that some skeptics have for Americans.  Here are some of the facts:

The United States Stands entirely alone among third-world countries adding what some claim as toxic chemicals into our water supply such as silicofluoride.  This is done by imposing the community-wide measure without informed consent.  Globally, Americans at 5% consume chemically fluoridated water, but more Americans drink fluoride-adulterated water than any other country in the entire world.  On the contrary Americans that fought hard to keep fluoridated water out of their community.  Today this number is 30% of the non-fluoridated water from municipalities.  Keep in-mind that these communities have held the practice at bay since fluoridation inception or have won hard-fought battles to halt this toxic chemicals into our water supply.

Dozens of studies and reviews—including in top-tier journals such as The Lancet—have shown that fluoride is neurotoxic and lowers children’s IQ.

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